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AVAYA 1416 phone is ISDN phones for use with the Integral Enterprise call processing system. The AVAYA 1416 digital desk can be used with the Avaya Aura  Communication Manager call processing system. This manual was written for the digital Deskphones AVAYA 1416. These desktops have practical features and functions such as a phone screen for viewing and managing your calls, a contact list, a call list, a menu with options and settings for customizing your phone and access to your voicemail. You have handy features and functions at your fingertips, including a display for viewing and managing your calls, a call log, a personal and a central phone book, a menu with options and settings for customizing your phone and access to your voicemail. Not all functions described in this AVAYA 1416 user manual may be available on your phone. If you notice that a feature is not available, contact your system administrator. The descriptions of these optional functions are marked with an asterisk in the title.

The Avaya 1416 digital phone with 16 line displays/function keys are designed for attendants, receptionists, assistants, managers and other users with high telephone comfort requirements, who as typical agents of incoming calls, must forward customers, and monitor multiple lines throughout the day. This phone allows quick one-touch access to lines/ functions/speed dial destinations and improves productivity and eliminates unnecessary, time-consuming scrolling through lists on the phone display. Expandable to a total of 48 function keys or speed-dial keys via the 32-key expansion module. Avaya 1416 has many important features such as function keys with two LEDs (red, green), for status display. Hardwired keys for common phone functions such as conference, transfer, end, hold mute speakerphone.  Headset interface for cordless and corded headsets. The context-sensitive user interfaces with three softkeys and 4-way navigation pad. Large capacity for the phone book and call logging for increased productivity and personalization. Display of caller-related information. Tiltable four-line illuminated display with 24 characters each. for Avaya Aura and IP Office and Integral.

AVAYA 1416 Specification connection
Connection AVAYA 1416
Avaya Aura Communication Manager Release 5.2.1 or later
IP Office Release 6 or higher
Integral Enterprise Release Eo7, IEE2 or higher
Integral 5 Release 3 or higher
Characteristics AVAYA 1416
Color: Black
Handset with 2.75 m cord
Stand Double-adjustable
Wall installation
 Adjustable display angle
Graphic display size 181 x 56 Pixel
Number of lines x characters (approximately) ~ 4 x 26
Hard-labeled Function Buttons: for Speaker, Mute, Volume, Avaya Menu, Hold, Conference, Transfer, Exit, Redial
Hard-keyed feature keys: headset, phone, call log, contacts, voicemail message
Fixed navigation key (up / down / left / right, OK)
Message waiting message
Administrable buttons 16
Context-sensitive softkey buttons 3
Support of the 32-key module
Headset support
2-way speakerphone
2-wire interface not for Integral 5
4-wire interface only for Integral 5
Call Control Protocol DCP
Avaya Aura Communications Manager
Aliased on Communication Manager 5.2.1 and later 2420
Native support for Communication Manager 6.0
Full access to Call Manager and Communication Manager features
Call display / function keys 16
Contacts and call logging
Avaya IP OfficeNative support under IP Office 6.0
Full access to call display and IP Office features
Call display / function keys 16
Central contacts and call logging
IP Office function menu with status display
Support for IP Office hot-desking
Avaya Integral EnterpriseSupport for E07, IEE2 and higher
Partner / function / speed dial keys 16
Avaya Integral 5Support of R3 and higher
Partner / function / speed dial keys 16

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