Garmin Drive 50 Manual

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This Garmin Drive 50 user manual consists of 20 pages with a size 3.71 MB composed of eleven chapters with appendix and index in pdf file format. Summary content about this Garmin Drive 50 manual; getting started your Garmin Drive 50, how to adjusting the volume and screen brightness, enabling or disabling audible driver alerts, navigating to your destination, finding and saving location using the search bar, how to changing the search area, how to using the map for viewing upcoming traffic and customizing the map, receiving traffic data using a traffic receiver, how to use the apps, customizing the Garmin Drive 50 such as language and keyboard settings and how to restoring setting, Garmin Drive 50 specifications how to maintenance and troubleshooting this car navigation.

With the user-friendly Garmin Drive 50 navigation system, you have a 5-inch display with manual tilting function (high vs. landscape format). You want to arrive quickly and safely at your destination. The Garmin Drive 50 not only offers reliable navigation, live traffic information and up-to-date maps. From now on, you'll also be driving safer: every Garmin Drive Navi now comes with a safety package. The entry-level devices of the Garmin Drive series, such as the Garmin Drive 50, offer many functions in addition to the safety package that is normally only found in premium devices. Garmin Real Navigation, Lane Assistant or 3D intersection views will guide you safely to your destination like a good friend.

The Garmin Drive 50 focuses on safety on the road. Your navigation system uses the included Garmin safety package to warn you of sharp bends, inform you about speed changes or level crossings and also reminds you to take breaks as soon as you have driven too long at a stretch. Lifetime map updates and Garmin's premium traffic service make the device a reliable companion that always provides the most important traffic information. Pre-installed traffic lights and speed cameras complete the package.

The Garmin Drive 50 can do much more than just lead you from point A to point B. Experience a new way of navigation with the included Garmin safety package - with less stress and more safety on the road. Get warnings about sharp bends, speed changes, level crossings and game changes. If you are driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street, your navigation system will inform you immediately. If you are in a school area, the machine will also inform you of this. You can also be warned in many regions about traffic light and speed lights. On long journeys, we are often inclined to take too few breaks. That's why your Garmin Drive 50 reminds you to take regular breaks on long journeys and also suggests rest areas for you to take, so you don't have to search for a suitable place for a long time.

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