Polar V800 Manual

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Download this Polar V800 Manual which contains information about caring your V800, technical specification, get started the Polar V800 and basic settings, how to update firmware and reset Polar V800. The Polar V800 Multisport watch, especially for triathletes and ambitious athletes who want to train under professional conditions. The Black Edition of the Polar V800 in a new, more modern look - the front completely in black. The Polar V800 not only records your heart rate and distance traveled but also creates a comprehensive performance profile based on your training intensity and everyday movements. Not only are training plans drawn up, your necessary regeneration time is also determined. The V800 comes with integrated GPS. The watch can easily detect the change in sports. This eliminates the need for annoying changes and allows you to concentrate on the fourth discipline of triathlon, the quick change. In addition to the recording of the training data, your daily activities are also recorded. Everyday stress has a considerable influence on your performance and on the required regeneration time. This is calculated precisely and makes a perfectly tailored training control possible.

The Polar V800 is a complete more multisport. The watch also measures your pulse while swimming and is equipped with a barometric altimeter. The watch automatically detects the change in sports. In addition to a wattmeter system that uses special pedals via Bluetooth, the Polar V800 can also be connected to your smartphone thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Polar will also update and expand its own online platform Polar Flow. Polar Flow enables accurate evaluation and graphical display of all data from the new training computer as well as connection to social networks. The Strava Live segments make your workout even more fun. Get messages about segments near you, see your real-time performance data during a segment and get your results as soon as you finish the segment. The Polar V800 includes a free 60-day Strava Premium Membership. The right preparation is essential. Set detailed targets for different types of training and synchronize them with your V800 to receive real-time guidance during your training sessions. Use the orthostatic test and recovery status to check that your body is ready for the next challenge.

Create different sports profiles to view and record data for each sport from running to open water swimming. Get real-time guidance based on your goals. Track everything from altitude data to heart rate. Polar Flow records every training session. You can view the data quickly on the smartphone app or in more detail online. The training load function shows you how hard you have trained and how long it takes your body to recover. Make sure your training is leading you in the right direction. In Polar Flow, you can see your running index, your fitness test results, and much more detailed information. Learn how your daily activities affect your recovery status and find the perfect balance between training and recovery: By combining your training load with the data of your everyday activities, you will know when you have recovered enough to be able to exercise again. Determine your daily calorie consumption and make sure that you supply yourself with enough energy. The V800 measures the total energy consumed by your workout, your daily activity, and your basal metabolic rate.

Polar V800 Specs
GeneralProduct type: GPS watch, fitness watch
Manufacturer: Polar
Waterproof: up to 3 bar
Suitable for: Unisex
Housing: aluminum, stainless steel
Housing form: angular
Watch glass: Gorilla glass
Dial color: black
Basic functions: Key lock, date display, the day of the week, voice menu, odometer, speedometer, wireless sync, heart rate monitor, GPS.
Outdoor features: Barometer, temperature.
Activity features: Pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitoring, inactivity alarm, active time, recovery status.
GPS features: Route, Speed, Distance, Back to starting point, Energy saving mode.
Training features: configurable sports profiles, workout reminder, interval timer, fitness test, multisport, user configurable display, workout program.
Swimming features: Swimming speed, swimming distance, swimming style, number of strokes.
App Features: Training planning, training analysis.
Technical detailsOutputs: USB
Data transfer: Bluetooth
Compatible with: PC, smartphone, tablet
Display & IndicatorsDisplay property: 12/24-hour format, touch screen
Display: digital
Resolution: 128 x 128 Pixel
Illuminated display
Dimensions & WeightCase height: 12,7 mm
Weight: 79 g
Battery packBattery operation yes
Battery life in GPS mode 13 hours
Battery life in clock mode 30 days

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