Nintendo 3DS Manual

Download Nintendo 3DS Manual - Which Nintendo 3DS allows you to watch games in 3D without special glasses. The 3D effect can be individually adjusted via the 3D depth control or completely switched off. Two exterior cameras to establishing fully fledged 3D images, allowing viewing in the blink of an eye on the 3D screen. Completely new controls thanks to sliding pad, movement, and movement Acceleration sensors. The function SpotPass ensures wireless Internet access via public hotspots or private broadband connections, even if the device is in standby mode. So, the Nintendo 3DS receives regularly new free game content, software, videos, etc. The StreetPass feature, however, allows to automatically exchange data between two Nintendo 3DS-Systemen that are provided within reach to each other, the user allows this. StreetPass works in standby mode and is able to Exchange data of different tracks at the same time. Practical supplementary features that easy can be called from within the game about HOME menu, Internet browser, and releases. 3DS-Camera a large selection of already on the system software installed: Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS AR games (games with enhanced reality), activity log, sound, Mii maker, face Raiders, etc.
Nintendo 3DS Manual
Nintendo 3DS Manual
The Nintendo eShop, the focal point for all who are interested in trailer and software rankings or want to purchase download software Nintendo 3DS. Data management, with which it is possible to transfer purchased software from a 3DS-System Nintendo on the other hand. Also, DSiWare titles, which are located on the Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL, can be transferred on the Nintendo 3DS. For backward compatibility, Not only specifically designed for Nintendo 3DS software, but a large part of the game library for the consoles of the Nintendo DS family can be used. Adjustable age restrictions, which allow parents to block games with certain ratings, wireless connections, and the 3D effect. 

Nintendo 3DS Specs
Width: 13.4 cm, height: 2.1 cm, depth: 7.4 cm (closed)
235 g (including battery and stylus)
Upper screen
Car stereo widescreen LCD screen, the 3D images without special glasses can be seen.
Can represent about 16.77 million colors.
Width: 7.7 cm, height, 4.6 cm.
Resolution: 800 x 240 pixels.
Associated to each eye 400 pixels, to create the 3D effect.
Lower screen
Transparent, reflective TFT-LCD screen with backlight adjustable in five stages including analog touch screen function
Width: 6.1 cm, height: 4.6 cm
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
An inner camera and two outer cameras with a resolution of each 640 x 480 pixels.
Lenses have a fixed focal length and with a CMOS image, CaptureTechnologie equipped.
The number of effective pixels is about 300,000.
Wireless communication
2.4 GHz band (11b: 1-13 ch / 11 g: 1-11 ch) for wireless communication 
between several Nintendo 3DS-Systemen in the games and StreetPass.
Access to the Internet via Wi-Fi spots (supports IEEE802. 11b / g, and encryption) WPA/WPA2).
Recommended communication distance: up to 30 m.
Note: the maximum distance possible for the wireless connection is, can be dependent on the environment reduced. Use these Figures only as a rough guide.
Input control
A / B/x/Y button, d-pad, L - / R button, START, SELECT
Schiebepad, which allows analog inputs in a 360-degree RADIUS
Built-in microphone
Motion sensor
Acceleration sensor
More possibilities of input control
3D-Tiefenregler, which continuously regulates the intensity of the 3-d effect
HOME button to display the HOME menu
Wi-Fi switch: enables/disables the wireless connection even while of the game
POWER switch
Connection Sockets
Card slot
SD card slot
Loading dock connector
Power supply Jack
Audio jack for the connection of stereo headphones (sold separately)
POWER switch
A speakers left and right of the top screen
Supports pseudo surround
Pull-out stylus with a maximum length of approx. 10 cm.
Power supply/battery
Nintendo 3DS-Netzteil (WAP-002(EUR))
Nintendo 3DS-Batteriepack (CTR-003), rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Recharge time
About 3.5 hours
Battery runtime
Run time when pure using DS software: 5-8 hours
Run time when pure used with 3DS-Software: 3-5 hours
The battery life varies depending on the brightness of the LCD screen, the software used and the ambient temperature 
Nintendo 3DS card (approximately the same size as a Nintendo DS card)

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