Develop ineo+ 754 Manual

Download Develop ineo+ 754 Manual will familiarize you how to use the photocopier properly. Completely in the trend of the touch screen comfort, the Smartphones and tablet computers today, Puts the Develop ineo+ 754 with its user-friendly Input screen completely new standards. The innovative 9-inch color touch screen combines intuitive And the brilliant "Flick & Drag" The scrolling and selecting by fingertip, such as We know it from our smartphone. Intuitive, Clearly structured and adapted to your wishes the control panel of the Develop ineo+ 754.

Whether in terms of black-and-white or color - in sharpness and brilliance, the Develop ineo+ 754 can withstand the comparison with market-leading systems from the production pressure. Their performance is impressive even in the high-quality mode of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. While black-and-white prints are comparatively expensive in conventional color systems, the Develop ineo+ 754 achieves such a low-cost level, which otherwise only allows black-and-white systems. Cost control now plays a key role in most companies. This is precisely the starting point that Develop has chosen for the development of this system. And another plus: the high-speed scanner can handle up to 180 pages per minute. Combine the Develop ineo+ 7544 with the electronic document archiving solutions from Develop, your office has a system of unbeatable effectiveness.
Develop ineo+ 754 Manual
Develop ineo+ 754 Manual
The Develop ineo+ 754 impresses with a remarkable wealth of eco-high lights such as LED scanner lighting, 3W in sleep mode and 0.5W in energy-saving mode, as well as the wake-up for scan only technology, which prevents any unnecessary warm-up. In addition, the innovative, dynamic EcoTimer can be programmed for maximum energy savings eg on a specific day of the week or a specific date. The timer automatically analyzes the use of the system, generates the appropriate settings and, for example, switches to the sleep mode during the controlled with tags pause. These and other energy-saving properties reduce the energy consumption of the Develop ineo+ 754 to a level with a pre-image character, which even under the strict requirements of the predicates Energy Star and Blue Angel far under.

The Develop ineo+ 754 is certified according to ISO 15408 EAL3 and thus fulfills the highest standard for multifunction systems. One example of this is IPsec protocol encryption: it creates secure communication paths within the network. The serial locking kit of the Develop ineo+ 754 hard disk protects all memory data against unauthorized access. This means Permanent and complete security for your digital documents. Compared to its segment, the Develop ineo+ 754 triumphs through the extraordinary variety of its finishing functions. Brochures are produced in standard formats as well as in A3 format. By means of precisely folded letters, eg for invoices, annoying work steps are eliminated. The Develop ineo+ 754 also has up to 100 pages, making your presentations even more professional. Z-Folding unit and punching are available as additional options. And the best thing: the finishing work of the ineo+ 754 at maximum speed - with the same brilliant results. Outsourcing in printing and finishing has not been an issue since the Develop ineo+ 754.

Develop ineo+ 754 Specs
General dataDesign: Console system (scanner integrated)Print / copy speed: > A4: max. 60/75 pages per minute (color / sw) > A3: max. 30/37 pages per minute (color / sw).Drum exposure: laserGradation: 256Paper feeding: > Standard: 3,650 sheets, max. 6,650 sheets > 2 x 500 sheets of universal cassette (A5-SRA3, 52 - 256 g / m2), 150 sheets of bypass (A6 -SRA3 and banner, 52-300 g / m2) For standard paper, envelopes, OHP, cardboard, Banner paper > 1,000 sheets and 1,500 sheet cassettes (A4, 52 - 256 g / m2) for standard paper.Paper format: Max 320 x 457 mm Max. 297 x 1,200 mm banner paper.Printable area: Max 307 x 443 mm Max. 289 x 1.192 mm banner paper.Warm-up time: Less than 22 seconds (Can be influenced by environment).Dimensions (W x H x D): 650 x 1.155 x 799 mm.weight: Approx. 221 kg (without options).Power connection: 220-240 V / 50/60 Hz.
Print Controller: > Standard: internal controller with 1.2 GHz > Optional: Fiery Controller IC-414, 2.6 GHz.Storage: > Standard controller uses system memory / HDD (2,048 MB RAM / 250 GB HDD) > Fiery IC-414: 2GB, 160GB HDDResolution: Max. 1.800 x 600 dpi (with smoothing technology) Quality mode: 1.200 x 1200 dpi.Network protocols: TCP / IP (IPv4 / IPv6), IPX / SPX, SMB, x LPD, SNMP,HTTP, IPP, AppleTalk, EtherTalkEmulation: PCL 6c, PS 3, XPS Fiery IC-414: Adobe PS 3.Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100 / 1,000 BaseT, USB 2.0.Driver: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008 /, Mac OS 9.2 / 10.4 or later, Linux.Printing functions: Direct printing of PCL, PS, TIFF, XPS, OOXML, PDFDocuments, Overlay, cover sheet, watermark, Mixmedia and Mixplex, banner printing.More about Print Operations find on Develop ineo+ 754 Manual
Scan Type of scan: Scan to E-mail/FT /iFAX/BOX/SMB/WebDAV/To-me/ Home, Twain-Scan.Scan resolution: Max. 600 dpi.Scanning speed: Max. 180 ppm (color / SW).Original size: Max. A3.Scan formats: TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, XPS, Compact XPS, PPTX Optional: searchable PDF, PDF / A (1a / 1b), Linearized PDF.Scan addresses: 2.100, LDAP support.
Copy Document feeder: > A6 to A3 > Duplex originals (150 sheets, max. 210 g / m2).Copying: 1 - 9,999.Zoom: 25 - 400% in 0.1% increments.First A4 copy: 5.3 / 3.7 seconds (color / sw).Random access memory: 2 GB of RAM
hard disk: 250 GB.
Resolution: Printing: 1.800 x 600 dpi (With Smoothing Technology).
Copy functions: Chapter and cover sheet mode, test copy, Color image settings, creative functions, Poster mode, book copy, gloss copy, Ausweiskopie, watermark
More about Copy Operations find on Develop ineo+ 754 Manual
Fax (optional)compatibility: G3 / Super G3, MH, MR, MMR, J-BIG / ECM, IPFAX (IFax standard).Transmission rate/speed: 33.6 kBits / s, <3 seconds ITU no. 1Fax memory: Uses system memory.Fax functions: Fax transmission, time-delayed transmission, PC-Fax, Input in the confidential box, FTP, SMB.
Options> Finisher with 100-sheet stapling > Optional for 100 sheets Finisher: Brochure module (including letter and middle fold), Hole unit (2/4-hole perforation), additional shelf - Fold, feed unit, Z-fold & hole unit. > Finisher with 50-sheet stapling > Optional for 50-sheet finisher: Brochure module (including middle fold and Re-stitching unit), hole unit (2/4-fold) > Output tray (250 sheets) > Large capacity cassette for 2,500 and 3,000 sheets > Support for external keyboard > Two USB interface kits > Security kit > Fiery Controller (with additional options) > Fax unit > Biometric authentication > IC card authentication for work table Or card reader > Various card solutions for authentication > Work table > Sending station for documents > I option (additional functions) > WLAN adapter
Software > Store + find (optional) > Convert + share (optional) > Personal Applications (optional) > Enterprise Suite (optional) > Fiery Profiler Color Management (optional) > Data Administrator (administration of User accounts and cost centers) > Card Solutions (optional) > Jtman / Jtweb jobticket (optional) > Unix / Linux support > SAP support
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