Linksys WAP54G User Manual

This Linksys WAP54G user manual will familiarize you with how to use the Linksys WAP54G router properly. Keep this manual handy as a reference in the future. And here this the summary of this manual; Product Overview, General Network Security Guidelines, Additional Security Tips, Using the Linksys Wireless Guard Service, Configuring the Wireless-G Access Point, How to Access the Web-Based Utility, How to Navigate within the Utility,  Basic Wireless Settings, Wireless Security, Wireless MAC Filter, Factory Defaults, Firmware Upgrade, Troubleshooting, Specifications, Warranty Information, Regulatory Information, Software License Agreement.

Linksys WAP54G User Manual

With the Linksys Wireless-G Access Point, you can connect wireless devices (802.11g) or wireless devices (802.11b) to the wired network, allowing you to add PCs to your network without the hassle of cable routing. Create a "wireless bladder" in the hard-wired office space, saving you time, effort, and expense for cable routing. In addition, laptops remain connected all the time, whether at home, at the office or on the road. Because both standards are integrated into the devices, you can leverage your already existing wireless infrastructure and migrate your network devices to the highest-speed wireless G standard as your needs grow.

You can also use the wireless access point as a "cordless cable" to connect remote areas to each other. It is possible that the shipping point is located at one end of the warehouse and the acceptance point is at the other. You might also want to set up a home office in your garage. With a wireless-G access point in the garage and another in the house, you have a connection of up to 54 MBit / s - and everything without the hassle of cables.

With the new touch-screen setup feature, you can easily configure your wireless devices. Just press the button on the access point and on your other SecureEasySetup wireless device to automatically create a secure encrypted wireless connection. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) protects your data and privacy by encrypting up to 128 bits (industry standard). The MAC address filter allows you to specify exactly who should access your wireless network. With the browser-based configuration utility, the access point configuration is a children's game. With the Linksys Wireless-G Access Point, you can extend your existing wired network at home or in the office optimally with the wireless functionality.

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