Linksys CIT200 User Manual

This Linksys CIT200 user manual will familiarize you in how to use the Linksys CIT200 Telephony Kit properly. Keep this manual handy as a reference in the future. And here this the summary of this manual; Introduction, Getting to Know the Cordless Internet Telephony Kit, The Charger, The Base Station, The Buttons on the Handset, The Handset’s Back Panel, Icons shown on the Handset, Call Timers, Menus and Submenus, Setting Up the Cordless Internet Telephony Kit, Setting Up Your PC, Setting the Handset’s Clock,Using the Cordless Internet Telephony Kit, Making Calls, Using your phonebook, Entering letters & special characters, Voicemail, Keep track of your calls using the call records, Additional features, Personalizing your phone, Managing your calls using advanced features, Managing your Handsets, Using multi-handsets, Troubleshooting, Common Problems and Solutions, Factory Setting, Specifications.

Linksys CIT200 User Manual

Enjoy the luxury of a wireless connection with Skype! Now you do not have to sit in front of the computer if you want to talk to friends with Skype. The Linksys wireless Internet telephone kit includes a telephone and the associated charging station as well as a USB base station that is connected to the computer. Using the provided Skype program, which is run on the computer, you can read and display your contact list on the integrated illuminated display on the telephone. Just select the desired call partner from the menu, press a key, and make your call.

The phone naturally supports dialing with SkypeOut and also your Skype contact list. When a Skype or SkypeIn call is received, the ringer sounds on the phone, and the caller ID is displayed on the screen. The phone also supports call waiting as well as Skype's optional voicemail service. You can mute the active call during a call so that your call partner can not hear the voice spoken on your side, or, on the contrary, let all those present with the loudspeaker function participate in the call. You can also use the phone for internal calls: Up to four telephones can be operated on each base station.

359/5000 In short, the wireless Internet telephone kit from Linksys offers thanks to Skype all the functions with which a "normal" telephone is equipped. You get the convenience and all the functions of a cordless phone - and the high-quality voice recognition via Skype on the computer, but without being bound to the computer.

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