HP ProBook 6360b Manual

This HP ProBook 6360b Manual contains general information as reference material that describes the features of the HP ProBook 6360b, but some features may not be available on your laptop. To avoid injury or overheating your laptop, do not put your laptop on your lap or obstruct the computer air vents. However,  this HP ProBook 6360b Manual consists of 105 pages with a size 974.48 KB in pdf file format. Summary content about this Manual; Finding more information and reference about your new laptop. Learn to create connection to the network using a wireless, WLAN, GPS or using Bluetooth wireless.Enjoy multimedia features available on the HP ProBook 6360b and learn how to use audio, webcam, and video. To keep your laptop durable see the maintenance chapter like how to cleaning your laptop or how to update programs and drivers.

Short description of HP ProBook 6360b
HP ProBook 6360b combines of power and portability, reliability and comfort in your daily work anytime and anywhere. HP ProBook 6360b It has a 13.3 "LED-backlit HD (1366 x 768) anti-glare display that ensures clarity and image quality is the perfect professional assistant for everyday business tasks-day. A powerful processor Intel Core i5-2450M and 4 GB of RAM, you get high performance and efficient operation. Laptop Case is made of high-quality material, which protects against external influences and mechanical damage. HP ProBook 6360b are ideal to meet your needs.

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