HP Pavilion G6 Manual

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This HP Pavilion G6 manual user guide contains general information about HP Pavilion G6 notebook computers, including connect to a wireless network using WLAN, bluetooth wireless or using GPS. How to using the multimedia functions like audio, webcam and video. You can learn how to setting power management. If you have problem about driver you can see drives chapter for handling drives problem. You can protect your computer using passwords or using antivirus and firewall software. Another chapter you can read how to maintenance your notebook computer. 

Short description of HP Pavilion G6
HP Pavilion G6 is a versatile laptop for work and play. This model has an elegant appearance and is equipped with advanced technology for system performance and comfort while using the computer.  HP Pavilion G6 is equipped with high-definition LED display "HP BrightView" 15.6-inch display optimized for multitasking and to view HD-video. This laptop is comfortable to accompany you wherever you go, due its body compact, lightweight and extensive communication capabilities.

HP Pavilion G6 is based on a quad-core AMD Quad-Core A8-3500m, has 8 GB of memory, video card ATI Radeon HD 6620G Discrete-Class and a large hard drive with 1000 GB. You can connect to the Internet via a wired or wireless Wi-Fi. HP Pavilion G6 has a complete set of modern communication tools. Multiformat card reader allows you to read information from memory cards commonly used formats, which allows for recording and reading information from devices such as cameras, camcorders, GPS-navigator, no need to look for a suitable wire.

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