Samsung Gear VR Manual

Download Samsung Gear VR Manual will familiarize you how to use the headset properly. The Samsung Gear VR puts you in extraordinary entertainment worlds. The virtual reality is now in your everyday life. Start directly on your couch to a relaxing spa trip in the wide world. E.g. You will be in the middle of the most beautiful natural wonders of Australia in a few minutes and admire the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef or sail to the enchanting Whitehaven Beach. Even concerts you can experience completely new if you for example. Stand on the stage, look directly at the conductor, or stand between the raging audience. In games you will be drawn into the middle of the captivating action and head movements will take you through impressive 360° videos and photos. The large and steadily growing number of special VR content1 ensures a lot of variety. Even classic films and series offer you an exciting viewing experience because you have the feeling to sit in cozy movie evening atmosphere. Experience the fascination with the Samsung Gear VR.
Samsung Gear VR Manual
Samsung Gear VR Manual
For use with the Gear VR is already a wide range of special content such as apps, 360° videos and games available and constantly new exciting content come from many areas. Take a tour of virtual realities, immerse yourself in 360° views of tourist highlights and nature panoramas around the world or immerse yourself in the action of games directly. The lenses of the Gear VR create a viewing experience comparable to sitting in front of a large cinema screen. As a result, you are drawn into the middle of the action and feel like you are moving into other worlds. Even content such as feature films or series will become an experience that will make you wonder. The low latency also allows you to enjoy the contents of your content when you explore the virtual realities. how to getting started the Samsung Gear VR see page 9 of  Samsung Gear VR Manual.

Despite the different display sizes, the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and the Galaxy S6 edge+ can be used with the Gear VR. This is made possible by the adjustable holder into which the smartphone is inserted. To do this, the micro-USB connector is set to the respective smartphone with the aid of the marked detent and then inserted. The Gear VR is fixed by an elastic strap In your head movements safely on your head and that Low weight allows a high wearing comfort. Also, the large support surface made of a soft and soft Hygienic foam pad ensures a stable And comfortable fit. The integrated touchpad is located on the Page easy to find and allows with its the haptics Supporting depressions a simple, accurate and Comfortable control. You do not miss any calls Or notifications on your use with the VR Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6 edge+ because this Will be displayed to you immediately and can be from you Can be accepted.

The Gear VR is equipped with a micro-USB port, In addition to the power supply also for the connection of Accessories can be used. Or you put on great Free movement and couple the inserted smartphone Via Bluetooth® with compatible accessories, such as The Samsung Gamepad or products of the Samsung Level family. Even the use of compatible accessories from Third parties are possible with the Gear VR. So increase Your playing fun. Through a game controller, a steering wheel Or other motion controls.

Samsung Gear VR Specs
DisplayBrightness setting (10 cd / m² - 105 cd / m²)
Media360 video: H.264 / H.265, 2.880 x 1.440 pixels and 2.440 x 2.440 pixels, 60 bps, 40 Mbps.360 Photo: JPG, 5.760 x 2.880 pixels, Cube Map 1.536 x 1.536 pixels
Audio5.1 Channel3D Spatial Sound
Connectivity Micro USB 1.1
Optical lensField of view: 96ºMagnification: 6.7 timesEye distance: 62 mm
Operating elementsTouchpadBack buttonVolume button
SensorsPosition sensorAcceleration sensorProximity sensor (set/down)
DimensionsWeight: 318 gHeight: 92.6 mmWidth: 201.9 mmDepth: 116.4 mm

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