D-Link DIR-628 User Manual

This D-Link DIR-628 user manual will familiarize you in how to use the D-Link DIR-628 HS router properly. Keep this manual handy as a reference in the future. And here this the summary of this manual; product overview, system requirements, wireless installation, connect to another router, web-based configuration utility, DHCP server settings, virtual server, port forwarding, QoS engine, network filters, access control, firewall settings, Wi-Fi protected setup, wireless security setup wizard, add wireless device with WPS wizard, configure WPA-Personal (PSK), configure WPA-Enterprise, connect to a wireless network, troubleshooting, networking basics, technical specifications.

D-Link DIR-628 User Manual

D-Link DIR-628 combines award-winning features of router and wireless IEEE 802. 11a and Draft 802. 11n to provide better wireless performance. The most complete set of security features, including Active Firewall and WPA2 to protect your network against external intruders. Provides highest rates of wireless signal at farther distances for the best coverage of home in its class. The double router D-Link RangeBooster N (DIR-628) is a device that is compatible with IEEE 802. 11a and draft 802. 11n offering real throughput of up to 650% faster than a wireless 802.11 g (also faster than a 100Mbps connection wired Ethernet). Create a secure wireless network to share photos, files, music, video, printers and storage throughout your home network. Connect the RangeBooster N dual band Router to a cable or DSL modem and share your high speed Internet access with all users of the network. In addition, this Router includes an engine's quality of service (QoS) that maintains digital telephone calls (VoIP) and games online so smooth and sensitive, providing a better experience on the Internet.

Powered by RangeBooster N Dual Band technology, this high performance router provides coverage of full upper home at the time which reduces dead spots. RangeBooster N dual band router is designed for use in larger homes and for users who require high performance networks. Add a desktop or desktop RangeBooster N Dual Band adapter and stay connected to your network from virtually anywhere in your home. The RangeBooster N Dual Band Router supports all of the latest wireless security features to prevent unauthorized access, be it from over the wireless network or from the Internet. Support for WPA and WPA2 standards ensure that you'll be able to use the best possible encryption method, regardless of your client devices. In addition, this RangeBooster N Dual Band Router utilizes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks from across the Internet.

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