Lexmark X4690 Manual

Lexmark X4690
This is the official Lexmark X4690 Manual User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer, finding information about the Lexmark X4690 printer, Setting up the printer for the first time, how to installing the printer on a wireless network (selected models only), loading paper, printing basic documents, working with photos, copying and scanning, faxing, find how to Maintaining the printer in this Lexmark X4690 Manual, troubleshooting, notices and networking glossary.

Lexmark X4690 - MFP "All-in-one" with great speed and performance. The printing speed of 25 pages per minute in monochrome and 18 pages in color. Built-in wireless adapter 802.11b / g. Connect with 802.11n. Preview photos 10x15 cm takes 10 seconds, and the absolute scan the same photo up to allow 300 dpi takes 27 seconds. This printer for home use such scanner is ideal unusual when you consider that the scanned image is owned by the sublime quality, detail and color clearly visible moving gently.

Table contens of Lexmark X4690 Manual

Safety information
Use only the power supply and power cord included with this product or a replacement power supply and power cord that is approved by the manufacturer.
Finding information about the Lexmark X4690 printer
Setting up the printer
Bypassing security warnings during software installation. Makes the printer as a copier only. Understanding the parts of the printer. Using the printer control panel buttons and menus. Using the printer software. Switching between the rear USB port and the Quick Connect laptop port (selected models only).
Installing the printer on a wireless network (selected models only)
Wireless network compatibility. The information you'll need to set up the printer on a wireless network. Installing the printer on a wireless network. Wireless installation instructions (France only). Configuring an IP address manually. Interpreting the colors of the Wi-Fi indicator light. Changing wireless settings after installation. Using the Network Setup menu. Installing the printer on other computers. Advanced wireless setup. Frequently asked questions.
Loading paper
Loading paper. Loading various paper types. Loading original documents on the scanner glass. Using the automatic paper type sensor.
Printing basic documents. Printing specialty documents. Saving and deleting print settings. Managing print jobs.
Working with photos
Working with photos. Inserting a memory card. Inserting a flash drive. Retrieving and managing photos. Printing photos
Making copie Copying photos. Enlarging or reducing images. Adjusting copy quality. Making a copy lighter or darker. Collating copies using the printer control panel. Repeating an image on one page. Copying multiple pages on one sheet (N-Up). Canceling a copy job.
Scanning original documents. Scanning color or black-and-white original documents. Scanning photos for editing. Scanning to a computer over a network. Canceling scan jobs.
Sending a fax using the computer. Receiving a fax
Maintaining the printer
Maintaining print cartridges. Installing print cartridges. Removing a used print cartridge. Refilling print cartridges. Using genuine Lexmark print cartridges. Aligning print cartridges. Cleaning the print cartridge nozzles.Checking ink levels. Wiping the print cartridge nozzles and contacts. Preserving the print cartridges. Cleaning the scanner glass. Cleaning the exterior of the printer. Ordering supplies. Ordering print cartridges. Ordering paper and other supplies. Resetting to factory settings
Using the printer troubleshooting software (Windows only). Setup troubleshooting. Incorrect language appears on the display. Power button is not lit. Software did not install. Page does not print. Solving printer power problems. Removing and reinstalling the software. Enabling the USB port in Windows. Wireless troubleshooting. Wireless troubleshooting checklist. Printing a network setup page. Wireless configuration does not continue after the USB cable is attached. Cannot print over wireless network. Cannot print and there is a firewall on the computer. Wi-Fi indicator light is not lit. Wi-Fi indicator light is green but the printer does not print (Windows only). Wi-Fi indicator light is blinking orange during installation (Windows only). Wi-Fi indicator light is blinking orange during installation (Macintosh only). Wi-Fi indicator light is still orange. Wireless print server not installed. “Communication not available” message displays when printing wirelessly. Communication with printer lost when connected to Virtual Private Network (VPN). Resetting the internal wireless print server to factory default settings.

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