Samsung ST66 Manual

More recently, the range of photographic equipment market has been updated with the new model presented by one of the world leaders in this industry - the company Samsung. New able to combine all the latest development of Korean corporations. Samsung ST66 is a compact camera designed for amateur photography. The camera catches the eye with their appearance: it has absolutely nothing superfluous, all very modest and, at the same time elegant. Gray metal housing makes the device more practical. A universal housing design allows for continuous operation with a camera. Also, a decent look complemented quality hardware. 

In this model, the camera uses a matrix with a wide range of sensitivity. This matrix is ​​the next generation will make your photos more colorful, bright, sharp, without any noise, even in conditions of minimum illumination. Hardware accessories Camera Samsung ST66 supported a wide range of functionality. Use the Magic Frame, which has a set of templates that can add some novelty to photography, you can play a little with the captured images. There is a feature "Funny face", which allows you to create funny pictures, distorting and blurring the image portraits. Thus, such a rich collection of various add-ons will not only enjoy the process of photography, but also a bit of fun, to cheer up themselves and others. If you have already decided to buy a Samsung ST66, you should not put off, indulge yourself this acquisition as soon as possible. Compact and low-cost digital camera Samsung ST66 offers excellent detail pictures with F2.5 aperture ratio and resolution of 16.1 megapixels.

Great pictures even in low light - Candlelit dinner and a picnic at sunset will go well in the photo, if you shoot a camera Samsung ST66, which is equipped with a lens with a large aperture of F2.5. You can not fear that images are obtained too dark or blurry. And while you will not have to disturb others with flash.

Excellent clarity and detail shots - A slim and stylish camera ST66 will preserve your memories with great clarity and detail thanks to a matrix with a high-resolution 16.1-megapixel. 25mm wide-angle lens will make an impressive group shots, and will fit in the frame, even a great company. You can shoot the exact same high quality photos with a long distance with a 5 x optical zoom.

Panorama shooting can be previewed - With "Live view" you can capture photos on the whole mountain range or a vast cityscape as an impressive panorama at all 180 º! And a preview panorama allows you to pre-assess their picture. We need only to press the shutter button, hold it, hold the camera along the scene you want to include in the frame.

Add Photo magic with Magic Frame feature  - Give snapshot "antique" look or place a portrait of a friend on a billboard! Magic Frame feature provides a set of templates that will add excitement to photography, such as "Full Moon", "History" or "Wall Painting". Suffice it to point the camera at the subject, place it in a template and press the shutter button. You will have many reasons to have fun - especially when you show the results of his photomontage friends!

Show both sides of the story - Picture may be worth a thousand words, but the pictures have always fully reveals the plot. The "Picture in Picture" allows you to insert one photo to another to obtain a complete bright scene that it's tempting to share with others. For example, catch the moment when your friend beats strike in bowling, and then combine the frame with the image of the public rejoicing. Adjusting the size and position of the smaller picture, you can come as close to the reality of the emotional subtext photography.

High definition video - at a glance - This stylish and powerful camera shoots video at 720p and 30 frames per second in the format MJPEG, which has a higher precision than conventional compact cameras. Whether it is a concert hall or a friendly party - you can remove the HD-quality video, no matter where you go.

Feel like a professional with Smart Auto 2.0 - Turn any subject in a memorable photo of professional quality! Even if you're shooting in very bright light or backlight, Smart Auto 2.0 feature instantly analyzes all elements of your composition and selects one of 16 scene modes. The camera automatically optimizes camera and video so that the quality turned out excellent.

Digital filters make every photo unique - Thirteen of digital filters and effects lens Smart Filter 2.0 to make your photos artistic style. Select the playback mode filter "vignetting", and he will give stunning images compositional contrast. Filter "Miniature" objects to make your photos smaller, and the "fish-eye" bend the arc horizon. Color effects "Outline" and "Clearing the haze" Add Pictures expression. Plenty of room for your imagination open!

Friends have fun funny grimace - The "funny face" allows you to create hilarious images, bending, stretching and distorting the portraits of all images.Use the 5-way key to enlarge the head or nose in the portrait or completely change the face. When the tracking of persons all distortions remain, even if you move the camera.

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