Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 Manual

Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 Manual
This is the official manual guide from Lenovo for those of you who have a lenovo Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 as a reference how to use your laptop so as to prevent damage caused by user error. This Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 Manual consists of several chapters are very important to read the owner of Lenovo IdeaPad Y580, an outline of this manual describes how to get know your laptop for the first time, learning how to operate the basic and knowing about special feature of laptop, introduction how to connect your laptop to internet via wired or wireless connection, you can learn how to use OneKey Rescue system for back up and restore your system, in troubleshooting chapter you can find detailed answers when you got problem using this laptop, last chapter explain about how to replace battery, hard drive, memory and removing the optical drive.

This model is a powerful notebook was ideal for home entertainment and office applications and the internet. Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 has a 2-core Intel Core i5 3210M processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz (up to 3.1 GHz Turbo Boost mode), is enough for modern gaming performance. With GeForce GTX 660M graphics card you can enjoy high quality graphics in games and HD quality movies, With GeForce GTX 660M graphics card you can enjoy high quality graphics in games and HD quality movies, supported by a very large capacity HDD can store games and multimedia up to 1 TB.

The glossy 15.6 "display with LED backlight and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels will give comfort with Full HD quality content. To share files with other mobile devices, you can use wireless module Bluetooth 3.0 and two ports USB 3.0, and to connect the projector to your laptop use HDMI connector. Excellent sound quality - merit Audio Dolby Home Theatre V4 and stereo JBL. Feature audio-visual optimization OneKey Theater II allows easy movement of the hand to get gorgeous picture a clear and bright, and a rich and full sound.

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