Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Manual User Guide

The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is a  new smartphone member of the Galaxy line of mid range with a very affordable price. This smartphone has most of the requirements that may be needed at a mid-range mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 comes with the standard Android 2.2 Froyo, with the support of the CPU at a speed of 800 MHz processor and a 3.5 inch capacitive screen with a resolution of 320x480 TFT. 5 MP rear camera also has enough quality with sensors and LED flash. In short, the performance more than adequate mid-range phone that is quite comprehensive, sophisticated, nice design and excellent price.

This Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Manual User Guide made by Samsung to make it easier and help you begin to operate and understand the functions or features ot this smartphone. This manual consists of 128 pages with a size 3.82 MB composed of 12 chapter in pdf file format. Summary content about this Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Manual chapter 1 Assembling your phone for the first time such as Instructions on installing and unpack your phone, an overview of your phone.  Chapter 2 Information about getting started your phone. Chapter 3 procedures using camera and music. Chapter 4 Procedures about how to perform basic phone tasks, like making a call, messaging, how to access google mail and email and social hub. Chapter 5 and 6 Information and procedures for managing your contacts, memo, calender and voice recorder on your phone and on the web. Chapter 7 Information and procedures for connectivity using bluetooth, wifi, mobile network sharing, PC connections and VPN. Chapter 8 Overview of using tools. Chapter 9 how to settings menu phone. Chapter 10 It about troubleshooting your phone. Chapter 11 Lists safety precautions information about your phone. Last chapter it about index of this manual.

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